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Balanced Garage Doors is a local family owned business based in Buford, GA serving 9 counties:

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Schedule tune-up services for your garage door to ensure its smooth performance. Our team fixes issues the same day so you can also go back to your routine right away.

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Installing new garage doors is easy when you have experts taking care of the job for you. Contact us and we'll guide you in selecting the best products at the best rates.

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For garage door part inspection, repair, and replacement services, go to our team. We offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

Garage Door Repair and Replacement in John's Creek, GA

Balanced Garage Doors provides all types of garage door services in 9 counties - North Fulton, Gwinnett, Forsyth Hall, Dawson, Cobb, North DeKalb, Barrow, and North Walton.

We're a family-owned business located in Buford GA. Our team operates 24 hours a day so anytime you need garage door help, let us know and we'll respond quickly.

Your garage door can cause severe damages when not checked right away. Don't delay calling for help from professionals.


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If you need garage door services, we're here to help. Your satisfaction is important for us that's why we strive to deliver quality customer service every time.

Garage doors can pick up issues any time so we also operate round the clock. Be it early morning, late night, rush hours, or holiday season, our team provides garage door services.

All our team members are certified and can handle all types and sizes of garage door projects.

Our friendly crew members will look into your garage door and recommend cost-effective solutions to any issues. You can then decide which option matches your needs.

Once you have made a decision, we'll make sure to implement your final choice according to your specifications.

Rest easy knowing your investment is protected. Our work is backed by warranties on parts and we also make sure to provide quality workmanship.

Our Repair and Replacement Services

Balanced Garage Doors caters Garage Door Repair & Replacement services all over the Metropolitan Atlanta. We are proud to have target locations in Alpharetta, AtlantaCantonCumming, DaculaDuluthDunwoodyGainesvilleJohns CreekKennesawLawrenceville, Marietta, NorcrossRoswellSandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee and more!

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Garage Door Replacement John's Creek GA

Balancing garage doors does not involve magic tricks but it's best left to trained professionals.

It's crucial to ensure that the springs used can counter the weight of your garage door. Otherwise, your opener and the rest of its parts may fail.

When a garage door is out of balance, it becomes unpredictable.

Normally, it should be able to stay open. But if there's an issue, say the springs are working too hard, your garage door may eventually crash. This can be dangerous for everyone that uses or goes near your garage.

Once you notice something unusual with your garage door, don't wait too long before you call for professional help.

Here at Balanced Garage Doors, we perform garage door inspection and testing so you never have to do it on your own. We'll also educate you on how the system works so you can care for it the proper way.

How can you identify a balance issue?

Keep an eye on how your garage door performs and you'll know whether it has balance issues.

If your garage door looks uneven or won't stay centered, there's a good chance it may be out of balance. Weight should be equally distributed to all parts of the door while you open and close it. If not, one side will be higher than the other.

Should you hear a strange noise when operating your garage door, that's another symptom to take note of. Your garage door should be working quietly at all times. The unnecessary sounds may be due to the opener getting strained.

A garage door that's in perfect condition will lower and raise seamlessly. If it takes longer to open and close or won't remain open, then it's time to call a garage door services provider.


Talk to a Garage Door Technician in John's Creek GA

Here at Balance Garage Doors, rest assured you'll be working with certified and skilled technicians. We take quality seriously so we won't leave the site unless you're 100% happy.

Your garage door requires technical know-how to maintain, repair, and replace. Going the DIY route is not recommended due to safety purposes. If you choose to work with professionals, you can save more as you get to avoid costly rework.

Let us know if you feel your garage door is off-balanced. Dial (770) 880-0376. We're open 24 hours a day.


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Don't forget to have your garage door checked. The last thing you want is for your car to get stuck when you have to be on the road.

Call Balanced Garage Doors today at (770) 880-0376.