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Balanced Garage Doors is a local family owned business based in Buford, GA serving 9 counties:

North Fulton    Gwinnett    Forsyth    Hall   Dawson   Cobb   North DeKalb   Barrow   North Walton

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Garage Door Service & Repair | Quick Response

Garage doors can get damaged over time. Call us and we'll get it back at work the same day. No matter what time it is, we'll be there to help you.

New Garage Doors | Expert Installation |

Affordable Rates

Updating or replacing your garage door should be stress-free.  Leave it to our crew members to help you choose the right product. We'll also install it for you.

Door Openers | Quality Parts | Competitive Prices

If you need parts of your garage door replaced, we can help. Our trucks are fully-stocked and we carry parts of various brands. We'll also help you select the best garage door components to use.

Garage Door Repair and Replacement in Smyrna, GA

Balanced Garage Door specializes in the repair, maintenance, and replacement of garage door system and parts. We're a family-owned business located in Buford GA.

Currently, we're providing services to 9 counties: North Fulton, Gwinnett, Forsyth, Hall, Dawson, Cobb, North DeKalb, Barrow, and North Walton.

Anytime you call us, our garage door technicians will be there as quickly as possible. We'll get the necessary repairs done the same day so you no longer have to deal with a faulty garage door.

Our team is ready round-the-clock to provide all types of garage door services at a price you can manage. Rest assured you can count on the quality of our job. We won't leave unless you're satisfied.


You Can Count on Our Team

At Balanced Garage Doors, nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction. Our goal is to accomplish every project with 100% approval from our clients.

We recommend that only skilled and trained technicians look after your garage door due to safety issues. Balancing a garage door isn't meant for a DIY project. This task is too critical as it requires the use of proper tools and equipment.

Our team is based locally. This means we'll be able to respond to your call the same day. We'll also finish the repair as quickly as possible so you no longer have to be inconvenienced.

All our members are friendly and attentive. Also, all parts we use are backed by warranties. In the unlikely event an issue arises, we'll be there to look into it.

Our Repair and Replacement Services

Balanced Garage Doors offers Garage Door Repair all over the Greater Atlanta Area. We are proud to have target locations in Alpharetta, AtlantaCantonCumming, DaculaDuluthDunwoodyGainesvilleJohns CreekKennesawLawrenceville, Marietta, NorcrossRoswellSandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee and more!

Available 24/7

Same-Day Service

Locally Owned




Garage Door Replacement Smyrna GA

If your garage door has balance issues, it becomes a nuisance. It can pose safety risks so you'll want to have it inspected by professionals as soon as possible.

Balancing a garage door is best left to the experts for it involves working on a complex system. Attempting to fix the issue without proper training, tools, and equipment will only cause more harm than good.

Every part has to be selected properly to ensure the entire system will work as it's supposed to. Incorrect choices may only strain your garage door and its components.

Garage door specialists will guide you in choosing the best parts to use for your garage door. They'll also educate you about proper care and maintenance. While working at your home, they'll make sure to observe safety guidelines.

You can be confident that the project is of high-quality and that your property and loved ones are in good hands.

How will you know it's time to have your garage door checked by professionals?

There are ways to tell whether your garage door already requires an inspection from experts.

If you notice it no longer remains open and crashes down every time you attempt to, this is one sign you need to contact a garage door specialist.

When you hear noises coming from your garage door when you operate it, this is also another indication it has balance issues. A door that appears slanted may also warrant repairs.

Whether or not you're sure your garage door needs repair, it's best to consult a garage door services company. Leaving your door problematic will only cause you more headaches.

Also, getting to the root of the problem as early as possible will also mean issues can be solved before they magnify and require complex solutions.


Contact a Garage Door Services Provider in Smyrna GA

Balanced Garage Doors is a trusted garage door services provider in Smyrna GA. You can count on our crew members to deliver quality workmanship, regardless of the size of your project.

Everyone in our team is friendly and professional. If you have questions or concerns, let us know and we'll listen. We'll find the best way to address your garage door problems.

We're here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Early morning or late night, we'll respond to your call.


Tour Your Family and Friends Around Smyrna GA

Introduce your family and friends to the Village Green and the Market Village. Let them experience the heart of the city where people come to dine and socialize.

Be sure your garage door is in good condition so you can hit the road any time of the day, without a fuss.

For any garage door repair or replacement inquiries, talk to us at (770) 880-0376.